Commitment. Accountability. Perfect Effort. Love.
Commitment. Accountability. Perfect Effort. Love.


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Keegan Dance Company

burst onto the competitive dance scene in 2007 under the direction of Miss Heather Southwell and quickly earned a reputation as a contender.


KDC was named an FDC Top 50 Dance Studio in 2009... became a Regional Top 25 in 2010... and has won 31 fiercely contended National Championships in just eight seasons!


Miss Heather is an award-winning choreographer, master teacher , and a respected FDC judge who strives to inspire a true passion for dance in all of her dancers, and to produce a competitive repertoire that stands toe-to-toe with the best companies in Florida and around the nation.


“There is no end 

to what you 

can achieve when 

your determination 

has no limit!”


– Heather Southwell, 2007



Keegan Dance Company

Titusville, FL  



Starpower Nationals in Orlando was an amazing

5 day experience. KDC's 34 dancers competed against 100+ studios, 2,000 routines and some of the fiercest competition from around the country!


Keegan Dance Company won the petite small group, petite duet/trio, junior duet/trio, teen duet/trio, and petite and senior solo categories; placed 20 of its 40 routines in the Top 10; and received 6 Battle invitations (out of 7 potential invites)! Truly an amazing, humbling accomplishment against powerhouse teams of 200+ dancers, and categories with as many as 50, 100, and even 300 entries! 


In the Battle of the Stars, where 23 teams and 102 routines left it all on the stage, not only was the Red Team the only Florida team to bring home a trophy, but all 6 of its Battle numbers placed in the Top 3!


After a long, exciting, memory-filled week at the country's largest National competition, Keegan Dance Company had been crowned National Champion six times! Congratulations to our entire Red Team family on an amazing Season 8 and for never losing focus on what matters most...

#faith #sisterhood #perfecteffort


Nationals Results 2015.pdf
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Keegan Dance Company ended its regular season with an un-Believe-able weekend in Orlando! It was truly a humbling and inspiring experience to compete against such strong, talented dancers!


Congratulations and THANK YOU to the entire Keegan Dance Company family – coaches, dancers, Prop Dads, parents and grandparents – on an amazing last regional competition of SeasonGr8! 

Believe Orlando Results.pdf
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Starpower Lakeland 2015 was one of the largest, longest, and most competitive regional competition Keegan Dance Company has ever attended. The Red Team performed beautifully and powerfully, exhibiting  grace and good sportsmanship along the way. After almost 1200 routines took the stage, Keegan Dance Company had won 3 of 4 Star Dance Alliance Power Championships (high scores) and placed 29 numbers in the Top Ten – 22 of those in the   Top Five, including 9 First Place and 6 Second Place awards! Congratulations to the dancers and coaches, and the entire Keegan Family!


Lakeland 2015 Results.pdf
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Keegan Dance Company gave a perfect effort in Jacksonville and made a clean sweep in the Power Division! KDC won all four SDA Power Championships, all four Miss Titles and placed 42 of 47 numbers in the Overall Top Ten, including 18 First Place Overall awards! Congratulations to all the KDC dancers, coaches, Prop Dads, Fairy Godmothers, parents and families!!





Jacksonville 2015 Results.pdf
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Keegan Dance Company kicked off Season 8 at Revolution Orlando with commitment, perfect effort & love! Congratulations to the entire Keegan Dance family on placing 41 numbers in the Top Ten -- including 15 First Place Overalls -- and winning 3 Star Dance Alliance High Score Awards, 4 Miss Dance Titles, 2 Choreography Awards and 2 Entertainment Awards!


#seasongr8 #perfecteffort #theexperience


Revolution Orlando Results 2015
Revolution results.pdf
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Season 7 brought more than its share of challenges and setbacks, but the KDC dancers pulled together and proved that



isn’t just their catchphrase or physical condition; it’s their attitude. Their collective determination and sense of pride. Their teamwork, perseverance, humility, character, trust, sense of family. Keegan Dance Company is blessed to have had those challenges—those experiences—this season, and to have shared them and overcome them together.



#season7 #redteam #family

Nationals Results.pdf
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Believe results.pdf
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EDGE results.pdf
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Strpwr Lklnd results 2014.pdf
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Jax Strpwr results 2014.pdf
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Keegan Dance Company kicked off Season 6 with an amazing showing at Hall of Fame in Lakeland! Keegan's Green Team placed 31 numbers in the Top Ten, including 8 First Place and 5 Hall of Fame Inductees!


At Starpower Jacksonville, Keegan dancers won the 11 & Under and 12 & Over High Score, all 5 Titles and First Place in all but one of the categories they entered!


Keegan's Performance Company joined KDC at Starpower in Lakeland and together, the Keegan dancers placed 41 routines in the Top Ten - including 11 First Place, earned the highest score in 7 difference categories - including Highest Scoring 12 & Over Group Routine, and won the FDC Judges Choice Award, 2 Choreography Awards, 2 Miss Starpower Titles and nearly two dozen Special Awards!! KDC and KPC made Titusville proud and reminded us all that There's Just Something About a Keegan Girl!


KDC finshed the season Keegan Strong at Revolution in Ft. Lauderdale placing 42 of 51 numbers in the Top Ten and winning the Petite, Junior and Senior Star Alliance High Score Awards!


Season Six came to a close with the Green Team competing against the nation’s top studios at the largest competition KDC has ever attended (1,500 entries).  After an intense, emotional week filled with tough competition and inspiring performances by our graduating seniors, the Green Team got its storybook ending… three 1st Place Nationals Championships!!!


Congratulations to all the Green Team dancers and coaches for placing 28 of KDC’s 60 routines in the Top Ten, for qualifying a Battle of the Stars dance in every category KDC competes in, and for placing all seven KDC Battle dances in the Top Three!


Congratulations to Miss Heather on winning an 11 & Under Choreography Award for Papa, Can You Hear Me and a 12 & Over Choreography Award for Mermaid Song.


And Congratulations to the entire Keegan family on another successful season! Thank you to all the parents and Prop Dads for your continued support, for generously volunteering your time, for trusting the Keegan coaches, and for helping to prove There is no end to what you can achieve when your determination has no limit!

Congratulations to all the Keegan dancers on a fantastic 2013-2013 season!! Shout out to the top-scoring numbers of the season!



(out of 300, Power Division)

Star-Crossed           298.1    

Heaven’s Gate         297.2    

Tears of an Angel    296.9    

Mermaid Song         296.2

The Green Light       295.9    

Surrender               295.7

True Blood              295.7    

Someone Like You   295.5

Don't Have to Tell    295.5    

The Awakening       295.5    

Heart Will Go On     295.4

Dethroned              295.3

To Love You More   295.2

Brave                    294.9

Say My Name         294.8

The Yearning          294.7

One Plus One         294.7

Lights                    294.5

Eyes on Fire           294.4

Sorry                    294.4

Papa Can U Hear Me  294.1    

Broken Feathers     294



(out of 300, Star and All-Star Divisions) 

Dream On                289.7

Your Love                288.6    

Box of Chocolates    287.6    

Use Somebody         287.5

Royal T                    287        

The Kite Song          285.6    

Home                      285.6

Child's Prayer          283.6

That Walk                282.7

Speaking French      282.4    

Broken                    282

Keeper of the Flame  281.4

Wicked Little Girls     281.3    

Kansas City             281.2    

Website Nationals Results 2013.pdf
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2013 Revolution Results.pdf
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Lakeland 2013 Results.pdf
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starpower JAX results.pdf
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HOF 2013 Results.pdf
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2012 - Season 5 Competition Results

Keegan Dance Company - Nationals - 2012



KDC took 26 dancers and 55 numbers to Starpower Nationals in Orlando and ended Season 5 shining brighter than ever! The Green Team took home 8 Championships, 2 Titles and a coveted Victory Cup!

  • Petite Duet/Trio
  • Petite Small Group
  • Junior Small Group
  • Teen Duet/Trio
  • Teen Small Group
  • Teen Large Group
  • Senior Duet/Trio
  • Senior Small Group
  • Miss TeenStarpower

  • Mr Starpower

  • 12 & Over VICTORY CUP!

Congratulations and Thank You to the Keegan dancers for giving their all, believing in themselves and for always trusting their Miss Heat!!


Thank you to all the Keegan coaches and teachers, Prop Dads and Moms, and to all the parents who selflessly and endlessly help the dancers and coaches! Thank You to all who make the Keegan Family what it is!


KEEGAN SHINES IN SOUTH FLORIDA! Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to produce uncommon results! 

  • 12 & Over Revolutionary (High Point) Award... Heaven’s Gate
  • 11 & Under Revolutionary Award... Papa, Can You Hear Me?
  • 11 & Under Choreography Award... My Alabaster Box
  • 12 & Over Choreography Award… Stand By You
  • First Place in 12 of 14 categories
  • 4 Titles --Miss, Mr., Teen Miss & Junior Miss





Great Job

Keegan Family

on our best showing

at Starpower to date!


Congratulations Green & Black dancers on your AMAZING performance at NexStar!!! 


Congrats and THANK YOU to KDC's dedicated coaches -- Miss Heather, Miss Ashley, Miss Savannah, Miss Linda & Miss Dawn! And THANK YOU prop dads... KDC Pit Crew definitely builds it -- and moves it -- better!!


Keegan Dance Company kicked off Season 5 at Showbiz in Lakeland and proved once again there is No End to what they Can Achieve… The Keegan Green placed 43 numbers in the Top Ten -- 27 in the Top Five!


Miss Heather Southwell won two Choreography awards and her junior lyrical small group, Papa, won the coveted Diamond ICON award!


Corey Anderson was named Mr. Showbiz and Jordan Goldean was crowned Miss Petite Showbiz. Marrin Espy won the Teen Lyrical ICON and Hailey Perry won the Petite Jazz ICON! KDC also won the Petite, Junior, Teen and Senior Solo Costume Awards!!!

 Congratulations to the Keegan dancers and the entire Green Family!!!

2012 Starpower Nationals Results
2012 Nationals.pdf
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Adobe Acrobat document [429.7 KB]
Starpower 2012.pdf
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Nexstar 2012 Results.pdf
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Showbiz Results 2012.pdf
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2011 - Season 4 Competition Results

CONGRATULATIONS to Miss Heather and the Green & Black Dancers for an amazing showing at the Starpower 2011 Nationals in Orlando!!!


KDC’s 42 AMAZING Green & Black dancers fought hard at the end of the season. In true Keegan fashion, they pulled it all together and performed at their highest level when it mattered most!


KDC competed against some of the nation’s top-ranked – and largest – teams from Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Canada at the Starpower Nationals in Orlando, and came out on top!

Petite Large Group Champion: Bridge Over Troubled Water
Junior Small Group Champion: My Alabaster Box
Junior Large Group Champion: Two Steps Away 
Teen Small Group Champion: Dear John
Teen Large Group Runner-up: My Hiding Place
Senior Small Group Runner-up: Lost Love
Senior Large Group Runner-up: The Chain
11 & Under VICTORY CUP WINNER (High Score): My Alabaster Box
12 & Under VICTORY CUP 2nd Runner Up: Dear John


Keegan Dance Company also won a National Choreography Award and had soloists compete in every age group of the World Title Competition!


The level of success KDC has achieved in 4 short years is amazing and proves There is NO END to what you CAN ACHIEVE when your DETERMINATION has NO LIMITS!

Results for Nationals 2011.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.7 MB]
Revolution 2011.pdf
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StarQuest 2011.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [88.6 KB]
Starpower 2011.pdf
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Masquerade 2011.pdf
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NexStar 2011.pdf
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2010 - Season 3 Competition Results



Keegan Dance Company capped off its successful third season at the Starpower Nationals in Orlando, competing against some of the biggest and best teams from Ontario, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Ohio, Washington and Florida.


KDC's 34 amazing dancers did an awesome job, placing 15 of 28 group numbers in the Top 10 and winning the 9 - 11 Large Group Category and Miss Teen Starpower Title!!!! Keegan dancers performed exceptionally at the Battle of the Stars final competition and proved once again that there is No End to
what You Can Achieve when your Determination has No Limits....


Click here for a complete list of Nationals results!


Starpower Nationals 2010.pdf
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StarPower 2010.pdf
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StarQuest 2010.pdf
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Applause 2010.pdf
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Nexstar 2010.pdf
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2009 - Season 2 Competition Results

Showbiz 2009.pdf
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Applause 2009.pdf
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StarPower 2009.pdf
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StarQuest 2009.pdf
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Showstoppers - Optional - 2009.pdf
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