Commitment. Accountability. Perfect Effort. Love.
Commitment. Accountability. Perfect Effort. Love.


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Keegan Dance Company

burst onto the competitive dance scene in 2007 under the direction of Miss Heather Southwell and quickly earned a reputation as a contender.


KDC was named an FDC Top 50 Dance Studio in 2009... became a Regional Top 25 in 2010... and has won 31 fiercely contended National Championships in just eight seasons!


Miss Heather is an award-winning choreographer, master teacher , and a respected FDC judge who strives to inspire a true passion for dance in all of her dancers, and to produce a competitive repertoire that stands toe-to-toe with the best companies in Florida and around the nation.


“There is no end 

to what you 

can achieve when 

your determination 

has no limit!”


– Heather Southwell, 2007



Keegan Dance Company

Titusville, FL  


Welcome to the official site of Keegan Dance Company – the Red Team!!


Keegan Dance Company is the award-winning, nationally-ranked competitive dance team directed by Miss Heather Southwell.  As the Red Team’s Artistic Director, Miss Heather Southwell has earned a reputation for creating extraordinary choreography and for producing mentally and physically strong dancers who are as skilled in performance as they are in technique. She is a hands-on director who works with all of her company members each week.


Miss Heather’s formula for success is based on simple concepts: attendance and hard work are key; attitude is everything; and trust is imperative! Being a KDC Red Team dancer is about learning to be a strong teammate, and a loyal and loving person, as well as becoming a strong, technically-sound dancer and true artist, unafraid to take risks!.


Miss Heather commitment to excellence and her dedication to the dancers is reflected back in her dancers: her current 40-dancer roster boasts as many dancers 11 & under as there are 15 & older; 9 dancers have been with her for 11 years; she’s had more than a dozen sets of sisters, and in the past 5 years alone, 2 dozen dancers have traveled to Titusville several times a week from Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, Orlando, Winter Garden, Palm Bay and Jacksonville to be a part of the KDC experience!


Keegan Dance Company is based in Titusville, Florida (just 30 minutes east of Orlando), and offers a variety of training programs to accommodate the needs of today's dancers.


For more information about Keegan Dance Company, to set up an audition, get information about Open Classes, or to book Miss Heather Southwell for classes or choreography, please email us at:


 Costumes for Sale!!!


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